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About Us

We pride ourselves in creating high quality products that give memorable experiences with fire.
Become a customer today and we'll go above and beyond.

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Designed in the UK, Sold Worldwide

Our unique mini fire pit is the ideal source of warmth and ambience in the home. Our UK team have created a statement piece that sits perfectly in any environment.

Our premium bioethanol is considered one of the best on the market, and is the go to choice for bioethanol fireplace owners.

We pride ourselves on creating the best quality products for our customers, providing a relaible and quality service every day of the week.

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A message from our founder.

"Roundfire was developed to serve the increasing desire for a clean burning fire that could be used indoor and out, giving a warm ambience of a real fire without ending up covered in soot and smoke.

The mini fire pit was born and thousands of households now enjoy the roundfire with friends and family around the world.

We invite you to bring the warmth of a fire to your home and hope that you enjoy our products for years to come."

Ryan Edkins

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