FAQ | Roundfire

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Can I add fuel to the fire whilst it is still alight?

    No, definitely not! No fuel should ever be added to a burning flame. This will result in the fuel you are holding to be set alight and potentially start a larger uncontrollable fire. Do not add fuel to a burning firestone, or an extinguished firestone that is still hot.

  • Does the fireplace get hot?

    It does. Unlike a metal bbq, cement has poor thermal conductivity. This means if you do touch it, it will register as hot, you will pull your hand away, and you won't be scalded. We recommend not touching the fire whilst it is hot and burning.

  • Can I really use it inside?

    Absolutely! Bioethanol fuel used in the roundfire is completely clean burning. This means that only water vapor and carbon dioxide are emitted whilst burning. No soot is given off like conventional fireplaces, leaving your room clean and warm throughout.

  • Is it safe to use around children?

    Only sober, responsible adults should set up, fill, and light the roundfire. We do not recommend that children be left unattended with it. The fire will provide a delightful ambience and under supervision, kids will have a thrill not only enjoying that but even cooking marshmallows over it.

  • Is it safe to cook over it?

    Absolutely! The bioethanol alcohol emits only water vapor and carbon dioxide when burned. So it is completely safe and tastes great!

  • Can it tip over of spill?

    The roundfire is designed to be extremely stable. That said, if moved, any fuel inside the fire can potentially spill out of the burning chamber. It is important that whilst alight and containing hot alcohol, it should not be moved, and it should only be placed on a very stable surface.

  • What happens if I spill the fuel when refilling?

    Being a liquid, bioethanol fuel will spread over a surface if spilled. If you spill the fuel outside of the chamber whilst refuelling the fire, we recommend you wipe up the fuel with a damp cloth or paper towels. If the fuel is alight when it is spilt for whatever reason, immediately use a fire extinguisher to put it out.

  • What fuels can I use in the fire?

    The roundfire is designed to be used with eco-friendly bioethanol fuel, or isopropyl alcohol. We recommend using our very own Roundfire bioethanol fuel, specifically formulated for the bioethanol fireplaces. Our fuel can be found on our website, Amazon or ebay.

  • How long does it burn for?

    It will burn for 60 - 80 minutes depending on the amount of fuel used in the burn chamber. As a guide, half way full should give around 30 minutes of burn. We recommend filling the chamber with fuel and leaving at least a 1cm gap from the top edge of the chamber to ensure a safe burn without spillages.

  • How long should I leave the fire before refuelling?

    Once the burn chamber has cooled enough that you can touch the edge without pulling your finger away from it, then it is ready to refuel. This is generally at least 15 minutes after the fire has finished burning.

  • How long can it continuously burn?

    We recommend that after two refills (approximately 1.5 - 2 hours) you let the unit cool for roughly 15 minutes. The cement can withstand extremely high temperatures. It does get hot to the touch and continued usage will increase the heat held within the cement. This increased heat held by the cement will be passed to the alcohol, making it burn quicker and hotter.

  • Is there anywhere it should not be used?

    Keep it off of any wobbly or unstable surfaces, and never use it on carpets. Also keep things like clothes, paper towels and fabrics away from the fire when in use to reduce the risk of them catching fire accidentally.

  • How much heat does it give off?

    We call it a cozy heat because it’s felt more when you are quite close to it, but makes the ideal centerpiece with friends and family all year round. It’s ideal for s'mores outside as the sun is setting, or the perfect winter warmer on your coffee table in the winter.

  • How do I turn the fire off?

    Extinguish by covering the flames with the included extinguisher, thereby starving the fire of oxygen. Use caution as the flame may be clear or nearly invisible. Do not blow on flames to extinguish as this could result in burning fuel jumping out of the fire.

  • Can I use it on a windy day?

    Yes, you can use it on a windy day. (it could be hard to light it on at first, but when the fire pit gets hot it will be difficult for the wind to blow it out.)

  • Will the roundfire set it off fire alarms or sprinklers?

    No, the fuel burns without any smoke or soot, meaning that it will not set off any fire alarms. Sprinkler heads are set to go off when the air around them hits 155-165 degrees. The unit would have to be burning directly under the sprinkler head to set them off.